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The Jamaica National Heritage Trust is responsible for the promotion, preservation, and development of Jamaica’s material cultural heritage. The organisation maintains the list of National Heritage Sites in Jamaica. It is chartered by The Jamaica National Heritage Trust Act, 1985

Peter Tosh Museum
Funky venue displaying clothing, instruments & artifacts from the namesake reggae musician.

Institute of Jamaica

(IOJ) was established in
1879 by Sir Anthony Musgrave, then Governor
of Jamaica. Located at 10-16 East Street

Hibbert House
Hibbert House, also known as Headquarters House, is the head office of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. It is located at 79 Duke Street in Kingston, Jamaica. It was built by Thomas Hibbert, a wealthy young English merchant, in 1755 to serve as his residence.

Devon House

This beautiful colonial house was built in 1881 by George Stiebel, the first black millionaire in Jamaica

National History Museum Of Jamaica

Established in 1879, this museum focuses on Jamaica’s plants, animals & geology.

Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey
Unique venue with videos, photos & exhibits related to the namesake Black nationalist leader.

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KINGSTON Heritage Tour